Producing, at least the producing that I like to do, is not a particularly glamorous endeavor. In fact, why I am a producer and like producing has a lot to do with my enjoyment in solving problems.

That zeal at in-the-trenches details and continuous improvement is something I started as a stage manager and has continued as I have been a project manager. Yup, I’m a PMP.

I find that project management work in the business and IT world cross-pollinates with what I do in the film world and vice-versa. Of course, the denizens of one realm sometimes get awfully uptight when you introduce terms from the other realm. The personalities, however, are all-too-often the same. The people who don’t like to plan can wear ties or jeans.

Luckily, the solutions are often the same too (despite people’s pleas that their problems are so unique). There are many quiet victories to be made in slow, continuous improvement. And there’s clarity you can bring in defining goals, next steps, and generally clearing away the noise.

Via the blog, you’ll find plenty of articles about project management, producing, and continuous improvement. I love to share what I’ve learned and there’s always more for me to learn. So feel free to comment and share on articles both here on the blog and on my Twitter feed.

Because I sporadically get inquiries about producing other people’s films and such, I will mention here that I am not taking on any new producing projects. (Feel free to contact me about voiceover and acting gigs).

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