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Lego Organizing: The Adam Savage Method

Having been clued into the number of wonderful Adam Savage videos, I stumbled across this video, which shows the Mythbusting alum take on the daunting task of organizing Legos in the thorough way he is wont to.

We have found working on Lego sets to be a very good use of our indoor time during the pandemic, so I’m not sure if we’re going to try something this thorough, but it does give one ideas…

The Lego Crime Ring Movie

People think I joke about Lego sets being a highly fenced item. Okay, they also wonder what it means “to fence” something. Do people really not know that terminology? Mickey Spillane’s ghost just choked on a salted peanut.

I may have consumed too many hardboiled detective tales in my youth.

Anyway, criminals love Legos precisely because so many other people love Legos — and are willing to pay for said Legos.

Cops know that criminals love Legos and occasionally bust said criminals with illegal Legos and why is there not a movie about this already?!?

P.S. I am totally dropping “Portland is a hotbed of Lego crime” into a conversation at the next opportunity.