Registering to Vote, 2016 Edition

One area where I am very partisan is that citizens should be able to vote and have their vote counted. Besides my general Capra-esque take on civic duty, I served as an election official for a number of years (i.e. one of the people who check you in and staff the voting machines).

In part because of those experiences, I was very happy to see today’s Google Doodle:


It takes you to a tool which lets you check when and how you need to register to vote — and what the requirements are (this speaks to all the different news reports you might have seen about required IDs, etc.).

In fact, you can simply type “register to vote” into Google and it’ll come up with this tool.

Every state is different in terms of what it takes to register, just as localities may have differing time as to when they try and “clean up” their voter rolls. So please, use this week to check your registration. Registration deadlines are looming.

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