Launch: A Publishing Journey in Podcast Form

Continuing on this week’s theme of writing and publishing, John August, has launched a new podcast called, well, Launch.

I’ve mentioned his Scriptnotes podcast before, which is well worth a listen if you’re interested in screenwriting. But John August doesn’t confine himself to scriptwriting. He has a company that makes apps related to scriptwriting. He’s made writer’s aids and a decent card game. And now he’s written the first of a series of novels about a young boy named Arlo Finch.

His Scriptnotes co-host, Craig Mazin, might claim it’s because August is a robot (or possibly a Chronicom), but he approaches each new project with an effort to make it the best possible version he can. That’s certainly the case with this podcast, Launch.

It’s a limited series –I believe only 6 parts– and three of them are online now. The final two parts, yet to be recorded, will detail what happens as his book (and requisite book tour) is launched. I’ve raced through the episodes online thus far and am eager to listen in relative real-time. You might be, too.

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