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Ranked Choice Voting comes to a Vote

Back in 2016, the state of Maine became the first state to use ranked choice voting in all their elections, including the Federal ones. There was something of a silly kerfuffle, as the paradigm shift hit established political power right in the comfort zone.

But wait, what is ranked choice voting anyway? Well, here’s a fun video by CGP Grey to illustrate it with animals.

As you might have gleaned above, I’m in favor of the expanded use of ranked choice voting aka “the alternative vote.” I believe it will lead to more voter engagement which, again, I’m quite biased here, I think is crucial to a well-functioning democracy (or republic or democratic republic, etc.).

Tomorrow, New York will vote on whether to vote ranked choice style in the future. Although ranked choice voting has made in-roads here and there, the sheer number of voters affected by this should it happen may well put momentum behind the movement.

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