Maybe Don’t Do a New Year’s Resolution

We’re just about a week into 2020, so people are doubtless hitting the gym, watching what they eat, reading more, or other laudable goals.

I haven’t set any official resolutions this year, though I am trying to figure out some goals for the year (have a massive and varied to-do list/bucket list/bunch of other lists via Workflowy). Being a project manager, I’m trying to figure out what’s realistic and what’s a stretch.

If you’re looking to shake things up for yourself this year, you might want to consider picking a resolution “Marie Kondo style” in the moment or perhaps you don’t want to choose any resolutions whatsoever.

Given the recent scientific questioning of self-control and “willpower” in any case, you might want to consider what will most help you look back on 2020 and feel it was a good year.

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