The Wild Zebras… of Maryland

There’s several feature film ideas incubating in various corners of my brain from fanciful takes on family history to delving deeply into local history… and now I have another idea that anyone is welcome to take, but by gum I’ll have to write it if someone doesn’t: a tale about the wild zebras of Maryland.

via the article and Getty Images

That’s right. Zebras. Creatures more familiar to African savannas and grasslands have found that the state just below the Mason-Dixon line has grasslands that are just as welcoming. Is it the proximity to Washington, DC? The omnipresent Old Bay? Who knows? All I know is that zebras are almost in my neck of the woods as of this writing. The story possibilities are endless.

Oh, I won’t be constrained by the reality mentioned in this article, but definitely check it out as it’s a great jumping off point. There’s so many questions it raises and the enterprising writer could do well to come up with some creative answers.

Now do I know any zoologists with zebra experience I can interview…?

UPDATE: One of the zebras has been found dead due to an illegal trap. So, for everyone, I want to point out that this is objectively sad and I’m sad to hear this. However, for you screenwriters out there: there’s your way to set up the third act.

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