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Micronations: The Amuse-bouche of International Affairs?

It could be because each micronation origin story is chock full of ingredients ripe for a quirky biopic, but I love learning about micronations. And there appear to be no end to them popping up. In fact, the Internet seems to have given some of them a new lease on life… or sovereignty.

I mean, the flag is different, but I’m not sure how many people will want to fight under it.

Over on BBC Future, Jessica Mudditt explores the ongoing existence of micronations, with some particularly deep dives into the origins of Atlantium, a micronation smack dab in the island-continent-country that is Australia. They also touch on Ladonia and a few others, which is nice because when was the last big news about Sealand? I’m still holding out for literature-inspired micronations as Terabithia would be just and right to found here in Virginia.

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