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Stranger Things’ Subtitles are the Squelchiest

Maybe it’s the overwhelming melting pot of 80s that speaks to my Gen X self. Maybe it’s the fact that this past season has included the best Munsons since Logan (the quality and fate of characters named Munson throughout media is a post for another time). In any case, I’ve very much enjoyed the latest installments of Stranger Things, what we were almost certain was the last season, but… it’s not.

So many fun touches were put into the show, but one of the most talked about has been the subtitles, which seem to take a certain subversive pleasure in communicating moments with unusual specificity.

Vulture decided to interview the people behind these inspired subtitles and the resulting article is a thing of beauty.

I laughed so damn hard a slipped on the wet floor with a squelch.

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