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Hark! The Traditional Elven Yodel!

Longtime visitors will note that I do post about Tolkien from time to time, even if I’m not the prime Tolkien fanatic in the family. I couldn’t even tell you who the first lord of Dol Amroth was, which I’m pretty sure is the level of detail one needs to be a Colbert-level Tokien fanatic.

If I were, I would surely know the specific countries and landmarks Tolkien thought of in our world which he transposed, more or less, to Middle Earth. Thankfully, Melanie Haiken dispels some of this mystery in her article for Afar. Long story short: I knew elves were into fondue!

Staubach Waterfall cascades into Switzerland’s Lauterbrunnen Valley (Photo: Chris Rinckes/Shutterstock)

I’m pretty sure Dol Amroth is based on some place in New Zealand, though. (-;

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