Review: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

(Note: this capsule review is part of my farewell to the Netflix DVD service. #GetThroughMyQueue)

The poster child for cult movies with those iconic lips on the poster… and it’s a cult movie that still has a veritable cult (plus a an enviable box office return on its original budget, considering it still plays in theaters).

I like some of the songs, there’s some great comic bits, and I’ve talked ad nauseam with many of the cultists about why they love both the film and the midnight screening rituals so. Spoiler alert: it’s not because it’s the best musical or best horror comedy or best exploration of identity though all three things are mentioned as factors. It’s really the camaraderie and spectacle of the communal screenings. So unless you’re wanting to cosplay it up and join ‘em, it’s really more a film of its time that shows its age and, solely as a film, is only worth watching for Tim Curry.

Tim Curry is good in anything that he’s in, so he personally gets five stars out of five. The film, we’ll give it three stars. But, as mentioned, you’ll likely prefer it with the cult than at home (and your cult ratings will vary).

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