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Wouldja Believe? It’s a Five-Year Blogiversary!

Obligatory if somewhat dated pop culture reference.

Back on March 1st, 2015, I re-entered the web world with a personal website, something I really hadn’t had since the 90s, which in Internet terms is ancient history.

Perhaps because March 1st doesn’t correspond with any other anniversaries in my life, I keep on meaning to do an annual retrospective about posts and such on the blog, but keep on forgetting.

This year, however, I made sure to set a reminder for myself. As with any eponymous blog, this post is mainly a self-indulgence, but for anyone who wants to go back and check some of the posts (over 400!), here’s an accounting of the “greatest hits” and some of the “deep cuts.”

Star Trek

Of course, these posts topped the list. My series, Crisis of Infinite Star Treks, lasted almost the full five years. There were long and short entries and ones that I thought were better than others. The three that seemed to best represent the series are:


I was pleasantly surprised to see how many of my posts about writing got so many views. Writing and trying to do more work as a writer is near and dear to me… and frankly, one of the reasons I’m online anyway.

Granted, most of the posts are mainly linking to or commenting on articles or resources I found online, but it’s been great to share what I know. Some of the most read have been:

Integrally linked to many of these articles are the posts which talk more about motivation (one of them is up there). That was led to several posts about finding purpose, meaning, and motivation… often explicitly disconnected from a paycheck. These were a lot of fun to write (and probably helped me work through some thoughts):

Personal Favorites… and other odds and ends

As indicated above, part of the fun of a blog is the ability to indulge your whims and flights of fancy, often without a care for deadlines or the editorial rigor you yourself might expect from a magazine article.

Many of the posts grow out of articles I read online that I want to expand on, which include.

Less fun, but very cathartic, has been writing remembrances

Finally, there’s a few that I enjoyed writing just for fun and I fully expect to add to that category in the next few years:

So for those of you who have popped over to this blog, thank you. I hope you’ve enjoyed the links and the articles and the geekery.

I’ll probably do another of these sooner than five years hence.

Hangin’ with the Velocipastor

This week, I joined the Streaming Nonsense crew in their mission to review lesser known films available online. This time, we looked at The Velocipastor. Is it everything you want from a disillusioned-priest-becomes-dinosaur-and-fights-ninjas movie? Give a listen.

Dear Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: You’re lucky I didn’t have anything else to do

Dear Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.:

I don’t want to put a damper on things. My wife and I are about to plunge into your third season and I couldn’t be happier. Your second season was phenomenal. It was full of moments where we asked, “I wonder when they’re going to deal with [X]?” And then you did. In that episode. And the story barreled forward.

Do you realize how rarely we’ve gotten to see that kind of daring and confidence in TV? Episodes like Melinda gave us a payoff about Agent May’s backstory hinted at in the very first episode of the series. But it wasn’t just that: the episode integrated seamlessly with season two’s main story arcs in a way that was surprising, exciting, and emotionally resonant.

So while I hope everyone in your writer’s room gave yourselves an extra nice lunch or two after you broke those stories, I have a confession:

You’re lucky we didn’t have anything better to do during season one.

I mean seriously, things didn’t get interesting until episode 19. That’s 19 of 22 episodes! That’s after the much vaunted crossover with Captain America: Ohmigod It’s A 70s Conspiracy Flick.

(Yes, Patton Oswalt helped, but lanyards can only take you so far).

Did you all really want to launch the series a year later? After Captain America? Did the Mighty Marvel Media Machine demand you start when you did just to have the novelty of crossovers with Captain America and Thor: The Second One? Or is that just conspiracy theories on our part?

In any case, we’re glad we stuck around for the ride and have advised friends and family of when to expect the payoff. I mean, many of us have little munchkins, limiting our consumption of non-animated, non-educational television fare to rare evening hours. We have to commit to TV series wisely and even shows we’ve loved of late can get kicked to the curb if they take an hour we could otherwise sleep and give scant enjoyment in return. I’m looking at you, latest seasons of Castle and Doctor Who.

So rock on, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. May you continue to trailblaze an exciting storyline that manages to fill out the increasingly dubious demands of a network 22-episode season. We’ll be watching.

Update: Like the partial cameo by DC Metro. Yeah, given what went down in the subway car proper, I understand why you just used a set for inside the train. Also, was that Sonic the Hedgehog in the hospital? He’s been working out.