Review: The Brothers Quay Collection (2000)

(Note: this capsule review is part of my farewell to the Netflix DVD service. #GetThroughMyQueue)

This DVD has been hanging out on the “unavailable” section of my Netflix queue for years. Years! It’s one of many collections and has the Quay’s films from roughly 1979 through 1993. There are apparently more comprehensives collections, though finding them available in the U.S. is difficult. Yet another reason I’ve been happy to keep the Netflix DVDs flowing.

For folks who aren’t up for non-narrative art-house shorts voted most likely to give one gothic-inspired fever dreams, this collection is really not for you. They’re bizarre. They are abstract, yet are clearly crafted with a lot of thought. It’s all haunting images, atmosphere, and a seemingly endless reservoir of inventiveness.

I’m going to give this four out of five stars because of how much so many of the images rattle about in my brain long after watching. It doesn’t get five stars because, well, call me conventional, but despite my  ardor for their work, I’d like more narrative cohesion. I suppose I should see if I’m able to see either of their feature films some time.

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