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Finding the Right Routine

I really should have posted this back in January when New Year’s Resolutions were top of mind… or perhaps when, here in the States, we sprung forward for Daylight Saving Time. However, whether or not our collection of Mason jars in the cupboard can successfully store daylight, having routines is a good idea… and certainly we’ve all heard about the importance of morning routines. In fact, go-getters who manage their extroversion without caffeine can be downright obnoxious about it.

With that in mind, I greatly appreciated Scott Young’s article which offered six different types of morning routines and where they might be most useful. And sure, you might want to combine one of the approaches, but we can’t have all six approaches be the “first thing in the day” — and we might want to switch our priorities up over time.

For myself, I’m not there yet, but my ideal morning routine is somewhere between Kurt Vonnegut‘s and Strong Bad‘s.

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