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The Rap on Moon Knight

Not quite as late in coming as Monday’s blog post, but still a bit behind the times, but as some of you readers may recall from back in January, I am a Moon Knight fan.

“Mr. Knight” from the TV series

Moon Knight went through several versions even during the time I followed the comics — and I knew that this adaptation would likely use some newer sources. I also hoped the adaptation would speak to the here and now in interesting ways… because the 70s concept of Egypt and “Orientalism” just would not work well.

So I was intrigued to learn that director Mohamed Diab has found an interesting way to be relevant, and a bit subversive, with the soundtrack. Give the article a read and the soundtrack a listen. The behind-the-scenes doc on Disney+ is also a fun watch.

Things to Come: Sci-fi Adaptation Edition

I’m way overdue in posting about David Agranoff’s article for Tor from last December. In the wake of the adaptations of Dune and Foundation that were released last Fall, adaptations of quintessentially influential science fiction series, what landmark work might be adapted next?

Yes, that’s the shape of the reference I was making…

(And yes, I see you there amid your psychohistory textbooks, ardent Foundation fan. I know you’re waiting to wryly expound about how Foundation has yet to be adapted. A Seldon Crisis which necessitates Foundation being as faithfully adapted as you desire is not predicted for another 1,000 years, so it might be time to enjoy a readthrough of the series again instead).

As many a sci-fi fan knows, there are no end of ambitious and interesting works that could be great candidates to adapt. That’s why I like Agranoff’s article, just about every work he mentions is something I’d love to see (the exceptions being works I haven’t yet read) — and he muses about what the best treatment would be in film or TV form. I would love to see The Dispossessed as a limited series. Guillermo del Toro doing a gonzo 3D version of At the Mountains of Madness? Yes, please.

What adaptations do you want to see?