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Get Ready for the Magical Space Wizard Finale!

(Well, at least for this particular 9-part saga).

It’s not a far, far away premise that more than a few offices are down a worker or three starting their holiday vacation early to catch a matinee of Episode IX… or sleeping in since they caught a midnight showing.

Roughly 42 years ago, the original Star Wars was probably the first film I saw in the theater. My dad talked to a co-worker about why it had the PG rating and was told about the relatively innocuous sci-fi action and violence… but there was this scene with two burnt bodies (aka the “Luke learns he can’t go home” scene). So, conscientious father that he was, he decided to go and see it first.

I believe we all saw it the next day.

I won’t be able to race out and see the film today, but I absolutely will see it before year’s end — and hopefully before too many spoilers filter through. If this means for you, like me, you need to be a bit more cautious venturing online in the interim, let the trailer below give you something to whet your Star Wars appetite in the meantime.

Meanwhile, in a Galaxy soon to Not be so Far, Far Away…

Unless you’ve been living under a tauntaun, you know that Disney is adding Star Wars sections to its theme parks. And since it’s Disney, they are going all out.

The sci fi news site, io9, was part of a group of journalists that got the tour the attractions, still feverishly being prepared for later this year (summer for Disneyland (California) and Fall for Disney World (Florida). If you’re the slightest bit a Star Wars fan, you’ll read the article with mounting excitement.

Adding to what already sounds like two very exciting rides, is the fact that they’re making the whole 14-acre section of the park immersive. Visitors will technically still be in a Disney park of course, but like Williamsburg turned up to 11, all the Disney staff will behave as if guests are visiting Black Spire Outpost on the planet Batuu. All the swag and food and drink will be “in-universe” swag and food and drink. Nerdist.com has an appropriately exhaustive article on the food and drink to expect.

And, as you might expect, the Walt Disney imagineers are trying to top themselves with Star Wars, as seen with their efforts to make the previously entirely animated space pirate Hondo Ohnaka an animatronic reality.

So, I have to admit, though I’ve never been to any of the Disney parks, the temptation force is strong with this one. Now if only I could figure out how to wait in what will doubtless be one of the longest lines in the galaxy without turning to the Dark Side…

Magical Space Wizard Time!

At long last, I can reveal myself to the Jedi.

By which I mean, we get to go see The Last Jedi.

So it seemed like a good time to share the work of some intrepid artists who decided to bring Ralph McQuarrie‘s marvelous concept art for the original Star Wars to life.

The Star Wars: Concept Trailer from The DAVE School on Vimeo.

I actually have a collection of Ralph McQuarrie’s concept art buried somewhere which I pored over quite a bit growing up, so this was a delight to see.

We’ll see how delightful the latest installment will be. At least I’ll feel safe to roam the Internet once again…

Speaking of that other Star Thing

I finally saw it today.

You know, that space movie I was talking about the other day.

I can now roam the Internet freely.

I liked it. That’s about all I will tell you.

If you liked the original trilogy, you should like it. If you liked the prequels, I still don’t see why you wouldn’t like it.

In fact, if you were planning to see it, go ahead and see it already.

Don’t you want to be able to use the Internet again?