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Our Robot Overlords can Boogie

This video burst onto the Internet yesterday and is already over 5 million views. A lot of people have reacted in horror of the robot revolution they feel sure this heralds, but I’m thinking the more dancing, the less machinations.

That Time You Hope Randall Munroe Isn’t as Prescient as He Probably Is

I was going through my list of articles and whatnot to post on and came across this bit from the webcomic XKCD and oh… oh my.

XKCD: 4th of July

Let’s hope they put this off until a future year.

More on Robots and the Automation of Everything

Following up on my post last week about robots and the law, I read a piece by Gideon Lewis-Kraus in Wired about a robot hotel.

Of course it’s in Japan.

Recommended Reading: Robots and the Law

Anyone familiar with some of Isaac Asimov’s classic robot stories knows they are full of intriguing “what if?” scenarios.

Well, now we’re at the cusp of these “what if?” scenarios being “so, when this happens next week…” scenarios. What will we do then?

Ryan Calo explores this in an article from last month.

Short story ideas are a-brewing.