The Computer has Reached a Verdict

When I talk about automation with people, I often like to point out how the scope of automation now appears to encompass what knowledge workers do.

Indeed, from what I’ve read, various implementations of automation, algorithms, and artificial intelligence¬†are already coming into play in both the legal and healthcare sectors of the economy. In other words, well beyond traditional notions of automation, which usually involve manufacturing and factory work.

While I had heard of algorithms being used to help do legal and medical “triage” of cases, I hadn’t heard of algorithms used in sentencing… but apparently they are, as Jason Tashea details in his recent article in Wired.

As hinted with my gerrymandering post earlier this week, I think it’s a good idea to figure out how our government is reaching certain decisions and what said decisions are based on. I’d really rather read about dystopian futures than live in them.

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