TV’s Golden Age… or too much of a Good Thing?

Last week, I made passing reference to Television’s “Golden Age,” an often-invoked,┬ábut still rather unofficial designation for the TV-viewing time we find ourselves in. Yes, I know some people still want to cling to the 50s being a golden age, but while my adoration for some skits of Your Show of Shows and episodes of I Love Lucy is second to none, please. TV is currently rocking.

One of the side effects of this embarrassment of storytelling riches is the possibility we have reached a state of “peak TV.” In fact, Slate’s Willa Paskin seems to contend that the current state of TV means we have passed the Golden Age. I think we’re still in a Golden Age, but perhaps as with so many ages of prosperity, the seeds of the age’s demise are being planted now, if for no other reason than we can’t see it all as Josef Adalian notes in his Slate piece.

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