Building an Audience or why I’m happy if some of you sign up for a sweepstakes…

One of the biggest things an indie writer needs to do is to build their audience. Furiously hard-working scribe and publisher Russell Nohelty has been trying to figure out ways to do that — and share what he knows. You may remember me talking about him and his efforts to help you sell your soul last year.

Well, fast forward to this year and my main outlet of writing is, of course, Jabberwocky Audio Theater. It’s not enough to have launched it this year, I want to build the audience dramatically, because –spoiler alert– that means people may support us so we can sustainably be on the air.

So this meant putting on my marketing hat and figuring out how to build an audience. One humbling truth is Russell has tested is how many people will become fans of your work if you demonstrate you are adjacent to one of their existing fandoms. For example, many people hear Rogue Tyger, and think of Firefly. In fact, there’s a lot of influences from sci-fi channels. In case some of you haven’t listened to JAT Chat #1, one of the influences for the format of Rogue Tyger and its cliffhanger endings was the classic Doctor Who serials.

So when the opportunity came to team up with a bunch of other indie creators for a Doctor Who sweepstakes organized by Russell, I was in. My hope is many a Doctor Who fan will enjoy the adventures of the Tyger’s crew. Why, there might even be a Blake’s Seven fan in the mix too. If this piques your interest, odds are you’ll be interested in what many of the other authors have to offer… and hey, we get a bigger audience.

To sign up, go ahead and visit this site before July 17th.

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