#Inkspell2020 – Art Challenge for October

The seven or nine regular readers of my blog will recall I have, over the years, advocated setting aside time to do creative work, even if you’re not good at it! (from January, March, and December of last year).

One of the activities I love doing is “Inktober,” an annual art challenge every October where you try to do an ink drawing every day based on a one-word prompt. I’ve done this as an after-dinner activity with my kids and it has always been enjoyable, even when the drawing or inspiration is lacking some days.

This year, we’re going with a different challenge (Inktober itself has run into some controversy).

We’re going to stick with the drawings, which we usually do within 20 minutes or so, but I like how this one is about whatever you want to do however you want to do it. (I do find value in doing all 31).

Sound good? Here are the prompts.

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