Banned Books Week Wrap-Up: Thoughts on Maus

So, I finished Maus before the end of last week. It was a fast read both because the graphic novel format and because it was an absolute page-turner.

I knew the book was autobiographical to some extent, but I didn’t realize how much the story of the author’s father during the Holocaust and the story of the author talking to his father about that story would be interwoven. It was very affecting, understated, and real. In fact, I’m hard pressed to make any comments on it that beat what’s on the back cover. I agree with all of them.


Also, last week was also when the documentary The U.S. and the Holocaust premiered and it seemed to make sense to watch it at the same time. That turned out to be a few too many Nazi atrocities to comprehend at once, even when I took a break for Space Nazis. Watching Moonfall proved to be the unrealistic palate cleanser I needed before I came back to watching the documentary (which was excellent). So, lesson learned: pace your horrors when you can.

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