Wouldja Believe Lovecraftian Horror?

Zounds! After many a voiceover self-promotion, I get to do a writing self-promo!

All seven or nine regular blog readers know that I do write plenty of audio fiction, given my periodic but consistent mention of my space opera Rogue Tyger, the implied adaptations of various folk tales and spooky tales, and occasional rampant, all-around silliness.

But amid all these screenplays and essays here (and endless posts about Star Trek), there haven’t been any short stories.

Until now.

I’m happy to announce that my story, “Final Delivery” is part of a new anthology just in time for your reading pleasure this Spooky Season. I’m in some great company of other indie authors, including: Russell Nohelty, Samuel Barnhart, Drue M. Scott, Blaze Ward, April Steenburgh, Elizabeth Davis, Pierre Demery, James Palmer, Jessica Maison, J.D. Oliva, L.S. Johnson, Bruno Lombardi, L.K. Ingino, Richard Quarry, Ann Gimpel, Sonia Orin Lyris, Pierino Gattei, Rebecca M. Senese, and Amy Campbell.

The collection goes on sale this coming Saturday, October 1st, but you can pre-order it now on Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble which should cover most of your e-reading needs (Apple should be coming soon).

What’s the anthology about, you ask? One of my favorite themes: the apocalypse.

In a snap, the apocalypse descends, wiping out almost everything.


A few survivors struggle in the ruins, fighting until the bitter end.

After The Fall (A Blaze Ward Presents Special Edition) brings together twenty different visions: some hopeful, some desperate, and some just plain weird. Many different takes on what the world might look like after aliens came down. Or the Elder Gods awakened.

Or if Darkness itself just fell.

Come join USA Today bestsellers and rookies alike as they show you what life might look like After The Fall.

You’ll have to find out if my tale is hopeful, desperate or weird. I will say that it is Lovecraftian and a kind of horror that would be quite at home in an episode of The Twilight Zone.


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