This Viking Has Dibs on the Library

So, for the past few years, there’s been a particular cartoon that’s made the rounds on social media which friends invariably send to me.

I mean, besides being an avid reader, several members of my family are or have been librarians and are all in favor of libraries. And, let’s be honest, in this scenario, I would totally do this: some of my Viking brethren forget to pillage before they burn. Sure you may have given that cowering monk a reason to think you’re a bloodthirsty barbarian, but that doesn’t mean you can’t raid responsibly.

In short, this is so me.

Picture taken at an odder angle so that this image isn’t pirated willy-nilly (cartoon credit: Cuyler Black)

So I tried to track down who the cartoonist to see if I could purchase a print or high-res file. Thanks to my brother, I discovered it’s one Cuyler Black — and yes, he has a website and online store with several items some of you all might like to buy.

He did not, as it happens, have a print of the cartoon above to sell, so I contacted him, telling the true tale of being a bibliophile you read above — and he sent me this particular print free of charge. If there’s an opposite of berzerker rage, it’s probably the feeling you get in a library, and that’s what he triggered.

So now the print hangs next to home office computer (aka the epicenter of Tulgey Wood Studios). Thank you, Mr. Black!

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