Where’s Mister Electrico? A Ray Bradbury Mystery

I’ve been a fan of writer Ray Bradbury since reading The Martian Chronicles and listening to Bradbury 13, a fantastic series that did audio fiction adaptations of, well, 13 short stories (the latter is still an inspiration for our work with Jabber Audio).

So when Bradbury passed in 2012, I read the various obituaries and remembrances and several mentioned an anecdote Bradbury had told about an encounter with a magician in the 1930s. It’s a fantastical little tale that, no surprise, would fit in a Ray Bradbury story.

Now, thanks to Eric Ofgang writing for Smithsonian magazine earlier this month, there are some questions about how reliable a narrator Ray Bradbury was in his tale of the mysterious Mr. Electrico.

Illustration by Meilan Solly / Photos via Newspapers.com, Wikimedia Commons and the Internet Archive under public domain

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