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Masterful Filmmaker (from the Far Side of the World) Peter Weir receives Lifetime Achievement Oscar

This past Monday, I shared an article about the allure of the film Master and Commander: But Wait, There’s More Title, directed by Peter Weir. This Sunday during the main Oscar ceremony, I learned that said director, now 78, received a special lifetime achievement award last November. And it got to me thinking that, apart from one or two of his films I haven’t seen, all of his films are always in my sort.

Peter Weir isn’t a prolific director compared to some. I haven’t heard him mentioned in the same breath with “auteur” directors. He certainly isn’t mentioned as a “blockbuster director” though his films can have fantastic spectacle and action. And, thinking of favorite films, well, it’s not like his films dominate my favorite 50. But if there were a filmmaker most likely to make me stand up and say, “O Captain, my captain!” it would be Peter Weir.

If you haven’t watched any of his films, or seen them in a while, take a look at some of the subjects. They vary in theme and genre –so the subject matter might not always be a fit for you– but all are thoughtful, full of craft, and usually contain some fantastic acting.

Here’s the introduction by Jeff Bridges from the awards ceremony from last Fall (Bridges worked with Weir on the underrated Fearless):

And here’s Peter Weir’s acceptance speech, which gives you a lot of perspective on his perspective on filmmaking:

Sadly, I can’t find the montage they showed at the awards show, but I did find this one online which gives you a taste of his varied work:

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