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Short (& Long) Suggestions for Your Reading and Viewing Pleasure

Finding time to read, or catch up with films, seems all the more difficult these days, so I pored over this list from various critics at The Guardian, who apparently are annoyed at the increasing length of films and heft of novels and have a slew of suggestions of how to get all the artsy goodness you want in a smaller package.

Still from Rashomon (1950), a film that’s quick to watch, but will stay with you.

I haven’t seen all the films nor read all the novels listed. In fact, I’m definitely adding a bunch of the novels to my reading list as that’s suffered greatly in this Internet age. But anyway, I will say that the films alone give you quite the sampler of everything from the “thoughtful sci-fi” sub-genre to the tried-and-true “creepy small British village horror” tale.


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