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Heraldry, Design, and Ranking State Flags

A bit overdue for Father’s Day, but definitely thinking of my dad, for whom heraldry was a passion, here’s CGP Grey ranking all the state flags with the requisite amount of snark because so many of them are just so bad as flags. My dad also loved flags and would have approved of many of the guidelines Grey (and others) mention for good, clean, flag design. Not sure if he’d agree with all the rankings though (I do not, but I appreciate a thoughtful ranking).

It clocks in at under 19 minutes, but definitely worth the watch.

By the way, there’s plenty of other articles you can find online ranking the state flags with wildly different conclusions. I’m also partial to the exercise from Wired a few years back where someone tried to design all the state flags so they seemed to be, well, more united.

I am definitely open to a redesign of my own state flag, by the way, as long as we can still metaphorically stick it to tyrants.

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