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Slim Chance of Escaping The Killer Mine

I’ve been fortunate enough to record parts for several audio fiction pieces this year and the first one to drop hits me right in the vintage radio feels. It’s a great reworking of a episode of Escape starring perennial Gunsmoke voice actor and the iconic Paladin of Have Gun, Will Travel, John Dehner. Escape is one of my favorites of those old shows and is similar to the more long-running, better known anthology show Suspense. Both shows would dabble in the fantastical, but could also do tense episodes set in a gritty reality. This episode, originally based on a whole novel(!), is the latter.

Peter Beeston and the team at Cornucopia Radio have done the new adaptation and I’m happy to be joining a fantastic cast that includes Rhys Jennings, Fiona Thraille, Wayne Russell, Andrew Biss, and Tim Winters. Listen or download all 43 minutes of tense drama on their website. Plus there’s a trailer!

Will my character of Slim survive the Killer Mine? Only one way to find out.

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