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A Savage Outlook on Work

A few weeks ago, I realized I could easily go back and re-watch a bunch of episodes of Mythbusters, which led to the natural rabbit hole of watching additional Mythbusters-related videos on YouTube which led to some of Adam Savage’s current YouTube videos originally recorded as a video/Patreon version of Reddit’s “Ask Me Anythings” (AMAs)… though, in truth, this seemed to be themed around work which, hey, works for my often work-focused Wednesday posts…

(Just shy of 13 minutes)

This past video was nice, because, certainly it applies to a lot of workplaces, but also touches on creative jobs.

14 and half minutes

Of course, if a workplace is truly toxic, the next question comes up, but he also covers what constitutes criticism, etc.:

(Just under 14 minutes)

Finally, I was about to schedule the post, but I wasn’t sure if the last video was the best, when I came across this one, which I think is a better note to end on.

About 11 minutes.

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