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Them’s Fighting Films!

With films and film history very much on the mind from my post earlier this week, I was delighted to stumble (pratfall?) across this list from Vulture about the 100 Fights that Shaped Action Cinema.

The work of multiple writers (and presumed cinemaniacs), this list goes back to the earliest moving pictures to the present day (it came out earlier this month). I not only appreciate it for its exhaustive scope, I’m very thankful that they’ve embedded tailored clips of all the fights, so you don’t need to wonder about which one that was. Talk about instant gratification! Also, talk about a timesuck. There’s a reason I posted this on a Friday afternoon. Even if you have seen far more films than the average bear, you may find yourself as I did, learning about several films and their amazing action sequences you had previously missed. That’s the kind of action-filled suprise I can live with.

Note that this is a chronological versus a ranked list, so don’t get into a fighting stance if you see (or don’t see) your favorite on-screen brawl too soon. But come on people, it starts with the 1894 equivalent of a cat video: we kick things off with a cat fight!

Enjoy the discovery.

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