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Alternate Hollywoods

I’ve had the chance to catch up on a lot of Scriptnotes episodes over the past few weeks, which is always a good thing. Scriptnotes is a weekly podcast hosted by screenwriters John August and Craig Mazin which has been going on for over a decade and continues to have things about and interesting to screenwriters.

As I’ve been meaning to do some posts about the future of Hollywood following last year’s strikes and the ‘denouement‘ of the streaming wars, so this has been useful. as, just like The Business, they do talk about current events, such at the recent DGA deal. However, as I’m still wrapping my head around articles musing on possible futures and the state of the industry, I found one recent episode to be a fun exercise. In an episode from a couple weeks ago, they explore a bunch of “what if” scenarios: you know, the kind of “Sound of Thunder” single, discrete moments that might have led to a different timeline.

As may come as no surprise, many of those discrete moments can be tied to legal decisions and the success (or failure) of certain movies that waves in their wake.

What are the new projects, regulations, and decisions that will shape the industry? (Readers may recall I’ve linked to musings on this recently, but expect more in the future).

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