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The Saga of the Washington Metro’s Silver Line

Being a naturalized citizen of the Washington area, I have followed the saga of the Silver Line for, well, decades. The fact that it exists and runs all the way to Dulles Airport is a fact that still doesn’t quite seem real. This video gives a relatively quick explanation of all the twists and turns it took to get there.

Runs just under 15 minutes… so until the next train?

Now if you’re a DC-area denizen like me, you might wonder about a local perspective, and Paul Duggan has a great “oral history” article for the Washington Post called “The Silver Line Story” which is well worth a read… but it’s also about 10 years old, so a lot of the stops and starts aren’t covered. Some of that gap is captured with an article by Justin George and Luz Lazo, also for the Post, upon the Silver Line opening to Dulles in November 2022. Again, it still doesn’t quite seem real.

Next, we’ll wonder about the Purple Line.

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