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Mickey Mouse & the Public Domain: A Deeper Dive

I’ve already done a couple public domain posts this year, notably the one for Public Domain Day and one on Monday about how people are, predictably, already having fun with the Steamboat Willie version of Mickey Mouse which entered the public domain in the U.S. on January 1st. But if you just want to get deeper into the legal philosophy behind public domain and also how that particularly involves Mickey Mouse, I have a couple…

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Recommended Reading: The Fate of Google Books

The saying goes that you know you’re a book lover when you still get upset thinking about the destruction of the Library of Alexandria. As many as 400,00 scrolls and whatever wisdom they contained have long since been ashes. What to feel then, about a modern day collection of knowledge that not burned, but nevertheless hidden away? James Somers has a long-form article in The Atlantic that tells the tale of Google Books: the catalysts behind its creation…

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