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Why Isn’t the U.S. Metric Already?

Just over 240 years ago, the United States announced its separation from Britain… a separation that could be measured in many ways, but definitely in miles.

And while pretty much the rest of the world has decided to “Make Mine Metric,” Americans remain unconvinced. Why? The Verge has some theories.

Going Faster than the Speed of Light with Imaginary Numbers

For many of us writing science fiction, a common decision point is how hard or soft we should make the world(s)¬†we’re building. A perennial area is whether we allow faster-than-light travel or not (i.e., warping, folding space, entering stargates, traveling through hyperspace, etc.).

Scientist and science fiction author Catherine Asaro explains her own journey in coming up with a way to have interstellar ships that can move at the speed of narrative without¬† willfully ignoring Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

Recommended Reading: The Actual Science Behind Dyson & Other Dryers

Recently, there’s been some news stories making the rounds on the Internets about the Dyson “air blade” hand dryer things actually being horrible germ-distributing death machines, etc. etc. etc.

The reason for this conclusion appears to be the usual search for sensation by reporters as explained in this entertaining article by Emma Bryce.

Don’t worry hypochondriacs, you can still worry.