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Andor: the Star Wars prequel (to the prequel)

Rogue One is my favorite of the new (read: Disney) Star Wars installments by a country parsec… although I do agree with the honest trailer in several respects. So, from that perspective, it’s hard for me not to like the trailer for the upcoming series, Andor.

In fact, there’s no compelling argument for me to not look forward to the series. Cassian Andor, as presented in the film, is a capable, if haunted, rebel operative. The trailer hints at an origin story not only for him, but for the formal Rebellion. And it promises to have the right amount of dirt and grime that I enjoy in the various Star franchises (e.g. DS9 in Star Trek, SGU in Stargate).

Also, I’m predicting right now: we’re all going want “Mr. Fermenting” to have an ugly end.

Get Ready for the Magical Space Wizard Finale!

(Well, at least for this particular 9-part saga).

It’s not a far, far away premise that more than a few offices are down a worker or three starting their holiday vacation early to catch a matinee of Episode IX… or sleeping in since they caught a midnight showing.

Roughly 42 years ago, the original Star Wars was probably the first film I saw in the theater. My dad talked to a co-worker about why it had the PG rating and was told about the relatively innocuous sci-fi action and violence… but there was this scene with two burnt bodies (aka the “Luke learns he can’t go home” scene). So, conscientious father that he was, he decided to go and see it first.

I believe we all saw it the next day.

I won’t be able to race out and see the film today, but I absolutely will see it before year’s end — and hopefully before too many spoilers filter through. If this means for you, like me, you need to be a bit more cautious venturing online in the interim, let the trailer below give you something to whet your Star Wars appetite in the meantime.

Speaking of that Forever Franchise…

While I was watching the today’s Internet frenzy, aka the teaser trailer for Rogue One, I couldn’t help but think of Adam Roger’s Wired article from last Fall which I talked about here.

Like any good teaser trailer, my appetite is whetted so thoroughly I am loathe to watch any follow-up trailer as it will reveal too much. As it is, the trailer seems to be showing what the Clone Wars and Rebels TV series have been able to do on the small screen: expand the Star Wars universe and the types of stories that can be told therein… and still be thoroughly Star Wars.

Recommended Reading: Building a franchise for forever

I didn’t get to read this sprawling, thoughtful article by Adam Rogers that appeared in Wired until now. So, it’s possible that you’ve already read it. However, for those of you interested in the film industry, how this storytelling trend is impacting the industry (“…the auteur gives way to the team player”), or just Star Wars, give yourself an uninterrupted chunk of time to dive in.

Even as we speak, multiple futures (and pasts) are being written

Speaking of that other Star Thing

I finally saw it today.

You know, that space movie I was talking about the other day.

I can now roam the Internet freely.

I liked it. That’s about all I will tell you.

If you liked the original trilogy, you should like it. If you liked the prequels, I still don’t see why you wouldn’t like it.

In fact, if you were planning to see it, go ahead and see it already.

Don’t you want to be able to use the Internet again?