Andor: the Star Wars prequel (to the prequel)

Rogue One is my favorite of the new (read: Disney) Star Wars installments by a country parsec… although I do agree with the honest trailer in several respects. So, from that perspective, it’s hard for me not to like the trailer for the upcoming series, Andor.

In fact, there’s no compelling argument for me to not look forward to the series. Cassian Andor, as presented in the film, is a capable, if haunted, rebel operative. The trailer hints at an origin story not only for him, but for the formal Rebellion. And it promises to have the right amount of dirt and grime that I enjoy in the various Star franchises (e.g. DS9 in Star Trek, SGU in Stargate).

Also, I’m predicting right now: we’re all going want “Mr. Fermenting” to have an ugly end.

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