The Immense Satisfaction of Ke Huy Quan’s Comback

Actor and stunt choreographer Ke Huy Quan has not been on my mind until recently.

I may not have seen Temple of Doom, where he played Short Round, this millennium. I only saw The Goonies for the first time last year (friends know I regret nothing) and Data was probably my favorite of the Bad News Oregonians. And then Everything Everywhere All at Once came out this year and was entirely up my off-kilter-but-emotionally-truthful alley. Quan was phenomenal in his multiversal roles.

And so I wanted to know “Who’s that guy again?” (seeing as he has aged a tad since the 80s) and fine I’ve enjoyed his behind-the-scenes work in many a movie since being Short Round.

And then I came across this article by Delia Kai for Vanity Fair about Ke Huy Quan coming back on Hollywood’s radar. Whether you’re a fellow Gen Xer musing about dreams deferred or a creative multi-hypenates who actually does like to act, it’s sure to strike a chord. It’s wonderful to see him getting this recognition and I hope this bodes well for a next act.

Ke Huy Quan (Pat Martin for Vanity Fair)

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