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The Final Act of Worf’s Klingon Opera

I never wanted a Next Generation (TNG) season eight out of Star Trek: Picard as many fans did, but I did want more satisfying closure with the Next Generation characters than was offered by Nemesis. With that in mind, I’ve enjoyed this latest and reportedly last season of Picard, still underway.

A more elderly Worf from Picard (CBS/Paramount)

As Dylan Roth explores for Polygon, perhaps no character deserves closure more than that of the quintessentially non-Merry man: Worf. As a huge Deep Space Nine (DS9) fan, I didn’t begrudge the increasingly flimsy reasons Worf re-appeared on the Enterprise in the TNG movies, but I did dislike the lack of acknowledgement of Worf’s character arc that occured. Indeed, I felt while Worf had standout moments throughout TNG, he really came into his own (and addressed his obsession with being the most honorably Klingon) in DS9.

In the third episode of this third and final season of Picard that just aired this week, we finally get that on-screen continuation. In fact, more than a few DS9 fans appreciated all the love given the series and how its events are still felt in the Star Trek universe in the 25th century.

So raise a glass of prune juice (or chamomile tea), enjoy the article (which includes some video compilations, and hopefully enjoy Worf’s character getting a satisfying bow at the end.

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