Standby for Pencils Down

In the host of posts on this site, this one may be one of the least evergreen, but I had mention something about the impending, still-might-be-avoided WGA strike set to go into effect this coming week on May 2nd.

A picket line from the strike of 2007. Photo: Charley Gallay (Getty Images)

The Writer’s Guild membership has overwhelmingly voted to authorize a strike, and strike guidelines have been sent out. Not only that, the Writer’s Guild has a recent victory –a major one that you may not have heard of– against the agencies representing their members. And the entertainment industry surely remembers and will be thinking of how that ended, as detailed in this article by David Robb for Deadline.

But the article that kicked off my whole thought of posting something about the almost-certain Writer’s Strike actually comes from Mary Kate Carr and the AV Club about how the industry is different from the strike of 2007… which is some of the reason for the strike, in part.

My guess is that all the predictions of negotiations going through the weekend are accurate… and we may not know anything for sure until May 2nd.

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