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It’s the structure of the economy, stupid!

Some of you may recall an article I linked to back in February which documented how there’s now a business model, most evident in the technology sphere, that has been optimized without the customer in mind (well, assuming the customer doesn’t want a crap experience).

Well, turns out the Cory Doctorow article is part of an overall book called Chokepoint Capitalism, and he talks about some of the findings in the book with fellow disenchanted societal commentator, Adam Conover.

The full interview is a little over 90 minutes and, as I always like with these sorts of topics where the scale of the suck seems overwhelming, they do talk about solutions and efforts that can be made.

Now granted, from the name of the book and the still on the video above, you might think this video would be popular among the folks who want to burn it all to the ground, but for those of you who prefer, say, an allegorical controlled burn for prairie restoration, you should find thoughts of interest as well (perhaps even more so).

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