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Contemplating Internet Umbrage

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Internet for the past few weeks. No, not in the “What has the Internet ever done for us?” kind of way. More in the “Do I like the current cut of the Internet’s jib?” kind of way. I mean, the whole AI obsession has not abated since I mused about it last year.

So this video struck me when I came across it earlier this week.

(Runs under five minutes)

This led me to two thoughts:

  1. I really should check out Crash Course one of these days
  2. What if we could quantify how much online outrage is draining from our days?

I mean, there are valid things to be upset about in this world, including valid things to be upset about the Internet, and I don’t just mean glue on pizza. But so much of it is such wasted energy.

Yet another online reminder to consider more time offline.

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