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My Social Media Strategy, Revealed

Not unlike business plans, it seems like one needs to have a “social media plan” these days. In the past year, many people I know have abandoned Twitter or left Facebook or joined Instagram. And I seem to be in the midst of that periodic flurry of people following me on Twitter or giving me a long treatise about why they want to connect with me on LinkedIn.

So for future edification, but mainly for my own amusement, here is my criteria for connecting with people on social media:

  • Facebook: I know who you are in the real world, either from schools or elsewhere, and want to keep up with your personal and professional exploits.
  • LinkedIn: I actually know who you are in the real world –even if only in passing– and also wouldn’t mind keeping up with your professional exploits.
  • Twitter: I may or may not know you in the real world, but I like the cut of your jib.
  • Google+: I can put you in one or more categories.
  • Instagram: I know it exists, but do not use it.
  • Tumblr: I know it still exists, and still do not use it.
  • Ello: I don’t know why it exists.
  • Pinterest: Who knows? I have insufficient pinterest.
  • Stage32: Meh, whatever. Sure.

If this does not make at least one social media maven’s head explode because of my lack of commitment to networking at all costs, I will be very disappointed.

Update: To answer some people’s angsty offline questions, no this isn’t a ranking of how great particular social media is or how valuable anyone and everyone might find it. Stage 32 has some great classes attached to it (seriously, if you’re a filmmaker, check some of their stuff out), but I see no need to curate my contacts to the same degree like I do on other sites. For example, on LinkedIn some recruiters clearly feel simply knowing your name is sufficient to connect… yet that connection is not valuable to me.

So yeah, see above. I am not disappointed.

What’s In and What’s Out

Long, boring pages on websites explaining what will or will not be found on said websites are about as exciting as actors laying pipe. However, it does seem like a bit of context and identity is in order. So, for that reason, this blog post is here to serve that purpose and then fade into the background, unless it needs to be called back into action.

Way back in the truly wild Internet, the first version of my website debuted as many did: being an anarchistic reflection of one’s personality and interests in a way only HTML 3.2 can express.

The world was your oyster. Or possibly the sky was your oyster. Or the sky was the limit. Regardless, there were limitless oysters, which just goes to show, as Noël Coward pointed out, you can have too much of a good thing.

So back to the Internet, which embodies “too much of a good thing” in ways that may well have astonished and delighted Coward.

A couple decades in, the web, while still undeniably rambunctious in some corners, is more purpose-driven… and this website is no different. Its main goal is to be an outlet for writing that doesn’t make sense to put on the Team J blog, may be more general than something I post on my Facebook page, and be more lengthy than what I tweet.

I will certainly mention Team J projects here — especially ones where I’ve written the script. Pretty much all my casting articles will be posted there on the Team J blog. However, for writing outside Team J, musings about intriguing articles and tech trends, and ever-wonky pieces on project management, you’re in the right place.

And hopefully, I’ll avoid Nakamuras.


And there was Blog…

Incubation always seems to take too long in hindsight. Or does it?

After sitting on my to-do list for a long time –even before I was tracking to-do lists via Workflowy— it finally made sense to launch my website anew. And now it seems inevitable.

This time, I’m using WordPress, a tool I’ve grown quite fond of while using it to maintain my company website.

This site, however, is meant to be more personal, more full of musing, and possibly more useful to more people than Team J.

Let’s find out.